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Activities and Information for Play Therapists

http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/wp-content/themes/lifestyle/images/logo.pngThe kids activities blog is filled with activities that can easily be adapted for therapeutic goals.  Here are a few activities from the site.


PHOTO: bottle craftGlowing Bedtime Bottle

September 15, 2014

Do some of the children you see have trouble falling asleep? Create a Glowing Bedtime Bottle with the child or the family and incorporate it’s use in the child’s bedtime routine. Find the list of materials and instructions at The Kids Activites Blog.

PHOTO:straws and cotton swabsQ-Tip Dart Game

September 15, 2014

You can play the Q-Tip Dart Game to help children follow directions, inhibit impulsive behavior, make predictions about their success (which bucket do they plan to blow the Q-tip into), and manage disappointment and frustration. And have fun. Find the directions at The Kids Activites Blog.

PHOTO: slimeYou’ve Been Slimed

September 15, 2014

Children with sensory or tactile issues may benefit from trying this activity (and it may be too slimy!). Over a number of sessions, you can introduce a range of sensory experiences with materials like Jurassic sand, moon sand, kinetic sand, play doh, finger paint, or shaving cream. Invite the child or family members to explore and describe the material, name their reactions and rate which they like best. Complete directions to make slime can be found at The Kids Activites Blog.


Play Therapy Short Videos to Inform and Inspire

Play therapy is a form of counseling or psychotherapy by which licensed mental health professionals use play-based models and techniques to better communicate with and help clients, especially children, achieve optimal mental health.

VIEW and SHARE the ANDREW video!
View and share the link to an amusing 75-second Andrew video showing how play and play therapy is used to help children share what is important in their emotional worlds.
Be sure to share the Andrew video via social media with your family, friends, and others during
National Play Therapy Week!

Learn more about the rationale for and applications of play therapy by viewing Play Therapy Works! a three-minute video presentation on play therapy.

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