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VAPT membership is open to professionals, students and parents interested in understanding and promoting the use of play therapy. VAPT is a branch of the national Association for Play Therapy.  

VAPT is an interprofessional organization and invites people from diverse discipline and practice settings to join our vibrant community.


VAPT and APT Member Benefits

Are you fully using your VAPT membership?
When you join or renew your memberships, you gain automatic access to these benefits:

  • Information and news - Play Therapy magazine (via mail quarterly)
  • Information - International Journal of Play Therapy (via mail quarterly)
  • News - APT Member Flash (via email weekly)
  • Discounts - Reduced fees for annual  APT conferences
  • Professional development in play therapy - Earn RPT/S credentials
  • Peer access – Free APT Community Practitioner and General List serves
  • Payment Credits - Earn APT Bucks by sponsoring new members and reduce your APT dues and fee payments
  • Participation - Serve on APT and VAPT committees and boards

VAPT members also receive these benefits to enhance their professional development:

  • Discounts - Reduced fees for annual  VAPT Branch workshops, VAPT chapter workshops
  • Information and news – VAPT enotes (via email monthly) and VAPT Facebook and Twitter and VAPT Blogs
  • Connections – Meet with other Virginia play therapists practicing in your area with Chapter workshops and the VAPT annual meeting
  • Consult the VAPT Membership Map for names of other play therapists and a VAPT Chapter Chair for your area or use the VAPT Facebook page to communicate with your fellow play therapists
  • Participate in the APT Leadership Academy (registration is reimbursed by VAPT) and serve in leadership positions for the state and chapter
Thank you for your loyal membership and  advocacy for children